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Muckboot Muckmaster Moss


The Muck Boot Muckmaster in Moss Green is the most heavy duty design of Muck Boots and is designed for both general & agriculture use. The neoprene upper provides a completely waterproof structure that will also keep the foot comfortable in the temperature range -29 Deg C to +21 Deg C
The neoprene upper has one further advantage - it will stretch, thus making these Muck Boots suitable for a wide range of calf sizes.
To provide longevity, the neoprene is covered in layers of rubber to reduce snagging of the neoprene.
An inner 'Airmesh' liner provides an insulating layer of air and helps regulate the temperature within the boot.
The sole is made from hardwaring rubber with 5mm deep lugs to provide excellent grip on the field or in snow.
The inner sole contains a 2mm thermal foam inlay for additional comfort.
One feature that makes the Muck Boot Muckmaster a favorite with Farmers and Vets is the toe & achilles protection.


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