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Muck Boot Edgewater Camp Garden Shoe Moss Green

£44.99 (Sold out)

The Muck Boot Edgewater Camp in Moss Green is an ideal 'slip on' shoe to keep near the back door ready for use in the garden, or even better to use in your caravan or motorhome. The flexable sole makes the Muck Boot  Edgewater Camp the perfect shoe for kneeling in the garden. The sole has a new style pattern that allows amplpe grip in wet / damp conditions. The waterproof  sole and shoe does make it ideal for walking across damp grass or light mud.
The neoprene used in the construction of the Daily shoe is 4mm thick - thinner than the full height length boots, but more than adequate for a shoe.

The Muck Boot Edgewater Camp  is an alternative to the Muck Boot Daily shoe - very similar but has a ribbed sole.


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Why not add a heavy duty boot bag?

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