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Muck Boot Arctic Sport Moss Green


The Arctic Sport Muck Boot  is specifically designed for really cold conditions. We are talking about conditions down to -40 Deg C. However, the high level of insulation required for really cold conditions, also limits the highest temperature the boot will be comfortable for use. The being +16 Deg C.  This is therefore a seasonal boot for the UK.

To achieve the insulation qualities, the Arctic Sport Muck Boot utilises a 5mm thick neoprene upper with an 'Airmesh' and  fleece liners. The inner sole has a 2mm thermal foam underlay to provide both comfort and thermal insulation. The top of the neoprene upper has a stretchable band that ensures a snug fit around the calf and avoids cold air entering the boot.

The outter face of the neoprene shoe and lower upper is covered in layers of rubber to avoid penetration by thorns etc and maintain the watertight properties of the boot.

Cold weather and bring hidden dangers under snow etc. Therefore the Arctic Sport Muck Boot has a reinforced instep as well as toe, heel and achilles protection. The sole pattern provides excellent grip. A fantastic boot in severe weather conditions.


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