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This year Muck Boots have changed the majority of their boot ranges and we thought it best to launch so we have a product specific platform to describe the changes between the 'old' and 'new' Muck Boot ranges. is operated by The Internet Gardener Ltd, we have been marketing Muck Boots successfully online for 6 years via our & e-commerce websites.


This year we opened our Showroom in Calverton and now have Muck Boots available on display for you to try on.


So if you are looking for Muck Boots in Nottingham, Muck Boots in Derby or Muck Boots in Mansfield please do pop in and try them on for size.


Having read the information about Muck Boots, we hope you may feel it appropriate to visit our Showroom at  :-


The Internet Gardener Ltd

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Calverton Nottingham

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The Internet Gardener Ltd is a family owned business and we havw been trading online since 2006.


Our aim has always been to offer a wide range of quality garden products with  first class Customer Service. To achieve this we invest heavily in product traning to ensure we can provide accurate information on the majority of our products - a far cry from many of our online competitors.


In 2012 we had the opportunity to purchase our own premises with Offices, Warehouse - and more importantly a SHOWROOM.


So now we can offer the opportunity for customers to compare the quality of BBQ's, Rattan Garden Furniture............ and wellington boots, from different manufacturers.


It's all about offering a wide choice of product at  competitive prices, backed up by excellent product knowledge.


Due to the wide range of products we offer, sometimes we need to provide a focus on a particular product range that we feel offers an exceptional opportunity for our customers. To promote these product ranges, we thought it a good idea to have a micro website to focus on specific products. Muck Boots are one of those product ranges.


Do you think the idea of a micro website for specific products is a good idea?









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